The UN Security Council (UNSC) welcomed the recent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. UNSC members also stressed “the immediate need for humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian civilian population, particularly in Gaza.”

According to Al Jazeera, the Palestinian death toll on Saturday stood at 248, including 66 children, with more than 1,900 people wounded from Israeli air and artillery attacks.

Barely a few hours after the ceasefire was reached, Israeli police stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and used stun grenades and rubber bullets against Palestinians after Friday prayers. Journalists covering the incident were also attacked.


Such highhandedness by Israel is nothing new. The Israelis have not just occupied land in Palestine but the atrocities committed by them against unarmed Palestinians are horrific and countless. Imagine being expelled from your homes and then also being attacked. And to add insult to injury, they are portrayed as being the aggressors instead of Israel, whom the world community says acts in so-called ‘self-defence’. How an oppressor gets away with war crimes is disturbing at so many levels.

We have seen how the world community rallies behind Israel. While Pakistan has been consistent in raising its voice for the cause of Palestine, most Muslim countries just pay mere lip service and move on. We have not seen them stopping trade with Israel or cutting off diplomatic ties in protest. The Palestinians are on their own, it seems. But this cannot go on forever. Before social media, Israel could hide behind its false narrative of being provoked. Now the world can see actual footage of its crimes. We have seen hundreds of videos where children are scared of continuous bombing; buildings being flattened and innocent people standing on the rubble, nursing their wounds. The stories coming out of Palestine are horrific. One man said he “did the strangest thing” when he exchanged how children with his brother’s. “I took two of his children, and gave him two of mine. So in case I get bombed, one of mine will survive and if he gets bombed, one of his will live on.”

These are not just stories; these are lived realities. We hope the Palestinians can one day find peace in their own land and not live in constant fear. These injustices must stop!