The Project Director of the Anti-Rabies Control Program has said that an app has been developed for the complaint of stray dogs in Karachi which will be launched after Ramzan. A helpline related to the same issue has been restored for the city.

Geo’s Amin Anwar reports that a hearing was held in the Sindh High Court on action against stray dogs and non-supply of vaccines in the coastal city. The Project Director filed a reply in the court stating that the helpline 1093 for reporting dog bite incidents has been reinstated by the Anti-Rabies Control Program.

The reply submitted in the court also stated that from January 2022 to March 2024, more than 19,000 dogs were vaccinated, rabies control centers were set up in four districts, and rules were made to control the growing population of stray dogs in the city.


The program has aimed in the reply that dog population control centers will be established in every district of the province and a notification regarding that has already been issued on February 29.

The project director of anti-rabies control program also said that a mobile app has been created for the complaint of stray dogs and bite incidents. This app will be launched for the public after Ramzan.

Citizens can file complaints about stray dogs with photo and address through the app. Stray dogs will be vaccinated after that.

The court adjourned till May 4.