Parties at universities are suppose to be mix of dinner and long speeches, but LUMS students decided to take the festivities a step ahead and came up with a brilliant but bizzare concept: shaadi day!

How does that work? Well, a campaign is held after which two seniors are picked to become the bride and groom leading to a three-day long a mock wedding.

Lums students have shared footage from the events and it was truly wholesome to witness.


Unlike the bigotry and violence we are witnessing in universities on a daily basis, it is heart warming that some students are putting on their creative hats to plan something like this. What these students are doing was amazing, and we hope more institutions follow through to make inclusive events for some light hearted fun.

For the haters calling this cringey and over hyped, why are you so critical of other people’s joy? Especially given how many incidents of bigotry and violence keep happening in universities, we should stop policing students so much and let them have fun.