TV Host Suhail Warraich has revealed his wish to work with three leading ladies in his debut movie.

Warraich was recently invited to Shahzad Iqbal’s show, Jashan-e-Cricket. The host asked Suhail about his favourite heroine that if you were made the hero of the movie, which heroine would you like to work with? He instantly said, Kareena Kapoor. Shahzad then said if he has to choose from Mahira Khan, Mehwish, and Reema, who would he choose then?


The Aik Din Geo Kay Sath host blatantly said: “Mehwish Hayat or i can also work with Reema as well.”


The host further asked if he wants more heroines to be in his debut movie? To which Suhail said: “Yes sure we do have a margin for more heroines.”