Prince William, the Prince of Wales, caused a stir among customers when he made an unexpected appearance at a food truck, dishing out eco-friendly plant-based burgers.

The event took place in collaboration with Sorted Food, a renowned British YouTube channel and food community. With an impressive following of 2.7 million subscribers and nearly 1 billion views, Sorted Food joined forces with Prince William to shed light on the Earthshot Prize and its recent winners, individuals tasked with finding sustainable solutions to heal our planet.

Appearing as a special guest on the YouTube video released on July 30, Prince William showcased the Earthshot Prize and its mission to repair the planet. He surprised the Sorted Food team by arriving in their kitchen with boxes of ingredients for their Earthshot Burgers, playfully teasing one of the hosts about the weight of the vegetable ingredients.


In the video, Prince William explained that he initiated the Earthshot Prize two years ago, with a goal of addressing some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues. He emphasized that urgency and optimism are key in driving action, reflecting the spirit of the prize.

The moment of astonishment occurred when Prince William joined the Sorted Food crew on their Earthshot Burger food truck to serve the plant-based delicacies to unsuspecting customers. The patrons were treated to an eco-friendly meal, made possible by last year’s Earthshot Prize winners, whose innovative products included clean and energy-efficient stoves and biodegradable food packaging.

This was not the first time Prince William raised awareness about the Earthshot Prize initiative. He and Catherine, Princess of Wales, attended The Earthshot Prize ceremony at the MGM Music Hall in Boston, Massachusetts the previous year.