American actress, activist, and producer Susan Sarandon has lauded Bella Hadid for her efforts for the Palestinians and condemned Israel’s apartheid in Palestine.

“I stand with the Palestinian people fighting against the apartheid government of Netanyahu and pray for the Israeli people that they too, will enjoy peace,” said Susan while writting on Twitter.

She also commended Bella’s efforts, saying: “I also support Bella Hadid for having the bravery to stand in solidarity with her people,” adding, “that can be lonely.”


Replying to Susan, the American supermodel said: “Susan I’ve always looked up to you and your advocacy for the world. You give me the strength to keep speaking up for the things that matter to me… human rights for everyone worldwide. You give me the strength to stay strong in my power, to keep moving forward with kindness, respect, integrity, and love… no matter what!”


“Thank you for your support, Susan. You are the legend above all legends. I am lucky to hear these words from you, and I know Palestine is grateful for your support as well. We will always stand tall for the voices of the oppressed and of the silenced, Thank you, I love you dearly,” wrote Bella.

Earlier, Hadid had joined a protest in New York in solidarity with Palestinian people against Israeli violence in Palestine.

Despite a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Israel ruthlessly attacked worshipers at Al-Aqsa the next day during Friday prayers on May 21.