Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) stated on Thursday that it had halted taking reservations for motorbikes until further notice due to issues with manufacturing and procurement following the consecutive closures of its automobile assembling factories caused by an ongoing inventory crisis.

“Under the present economic circumstances, import-based supply chain constraints and uncertain production possibilities, we are unable to serve new customers,” the company said in a letter to dealers.

The suspension of reservations would start today.


“We will, therefore, stop bookings of our motorcycle products from January 20, 2023, for the time being. However, bookings will resume as the situation becomes favourable to serve fresh customers.”

With the rupee falling and inflation at decades-high levels, Pakistan’s economy has collapsed along with a simmering political crisis, but disastrous floods and a worldwide energy crisis have added to the strain.

Almost all industries, including the automotive sector, have been slowed down by a lack of imported components and materials, and an alarmingly large number of businesses have been forced to cease operations.

As Pakistan struggles with a dire foreign exchange crisis, thousands of containers filled with basic food supplies, raw materials, and medical equipment have been held up at the Karachi port.

According to Express Tribune, banks are refusing to issue fresh letters of credit for importers due to a shortage of needed dollars, which is hurting an economy already under pressure from high inflation and weak growth.