Pak-Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) will no longer sell the Suzuki Bolan’s AC variant. After almost 15 years, this variation was finally introduced last year, and tragically, its production will cease once again.

The company’s decision to stop producing the AC variant of the Suzuki Bolan is a blatant indication that it has failed to pique consumer interest for a variety of reasons, some of which include its inflated cost and the extraordinarily uncomfortable ride.

Despite all of these factors, other variants of Suzuki Bolan are extremely common in Pakistan and are seen running on almost every road and in every city.


The first Suzuki Bolan with AC was introduced in 2006-2007, however it was a flop due to overheating, poor engine performance, and subpar AC.

Moreover, the Bolan’s engine is housed underneath the driver’s seat, which makes it extremely challenging for the driver and front passenger to sit, particularly when the engine is hot.

Despite expectations that the AC variation would be successful this time, it was not able to attract buyers.