Suzuki Pakistan has announced a massive price increase for its entire motorcycle lineup, following Yamaha and Honda. The new prices are effective from Friday, April 1, 2022.

The biggest price increase has been announced for the 150cc GR-150 variant, which is now priced at Rs330,000 after getting a massive hike of Rs15,000 in its previous cost of Rs315,000. Considering the size of its engine, this is unquestionably a significant and unjustified increase.

Suzuki GS-150, one of the most prominent bike in Suzuki’s lineup witnessed a hike of Rs10,000 for both variants (GS-150 and GS-150SE). The base GS-150 costs Rs225,000 after the hike and the upper variant GS-150SE is now priced at Rs242,000, as compared to their earlier prices of Rs215,000 and Rs232,000.


Moreover, the 110cc variant, Suzuki GD-110s which was previously sold at Rs199,000 will now be offered at Rs207,000, after getting a hike of Rs8,000.

The motorcycle manufacturer raised the prices of its motorcycles four times in 2021, and this is the first price rise of 2022. Suzuki motorcycle prices were increased by up to Rs28,000 between January and December 2021.

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Bike manufacturers’ pricing hikes have pushed two-wheelers out of reach for most of the country’s population. Despite the fact that the matter has been raised numerous times in the media, the government has yet to take a step in this regard and maintain pricing consistency.