Syeda Alizey Sultan, who has recently divorced actor Feroze Khan, has been outspoken about the physical and mental violence she had suffered during the marriage.

Sultan did an Instagram Q/A session with her followers yesterday and among many things, she opened up about how she overcame the heartbreak and depression, moving on to become a much happier person.

In response to a fan’s question, Sultan said:


“When you have Allah, family, your loved ones and immense love and support from you guys. Then every situation is manageable.”

Sultan also shared an ayat that had helped her cope with difficult times, and said talking to Allah was the best form of therapy for her.

On the prospect of marrying again, Sultan said she would let things happen on their own time rather than rush in to a new thing.

“Marriage is half of your deen and everything happens at its appointed time.”

Sultan then shared the biggest lessons she had learned from her divorce, including being financially independent and remembering to love herself before anyone else.