Veteran actor Behroz Sabzwari has finally opened up on the difficult phase that his family went through because of his son’s split with actress Syra Yousuf. The Diyar-e-dil star confessed that 2020 was indeed a difficult time for his family as so much was happening on the personal front.

He revealed that Syra is like a daughter to them as she is the mother of Nooreh, his granddaughter. He also feels blessed as God give him another daughter in Sadaf Kanwal.

The legendary actor mentioned that his wife found the criticism more difficult to handle but over time things have improved and they are in a happy space now.


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The Ghar Kay Na Ghat Kay duo appeared on Nida Yasir’s morning show on July 7, this was their first appearance as a married couple on any morning show.

During the show’s conclusion Nida highlighted how post his marriage with Sadaf he got a blockbuster project in Nand. To which the Dilruba star responded saying that yes she has indeed brought luck to his life and even his parents are very happy with her.

Real-life siblings Shahzad Sheikh and Momal Sheikh, who are also Shahroz’s first cousins, have recently opened up about the controversy that followed after the Nand star’s split with Syra Yousuf and his marriage to Sadaf stating that they are proud of the way the newly weds have dealt with the controversy.