Actor Syra Yousuf appeared on Pyar Zindagi Aur Karachi for Fuchsia Magazine where she and the host strolled through Karachi, talking about their earliest memories of famous landmarks, and food items as well as how life has been for both of them. As they started their mini trip, Yousuf shared a lot about Karachi’s famous food places, her life as a teen, and her routine with Nooreh.

Then came a much-pondered question about Nooreh’s bond with the latest addition to the Sabzwari family, her younger sister Zahra.

“You know all of her friends have siblings and even Alishba [Yousuf’s eldest sister], she has two kids, so she has seen siblings everywhere and she wanted one. So when Zahra was born she was on top of the world and it’s lovely to see, it makes me very happy to see her feel that way towards [her sister],” the Sinf-e-Aahan actor said.


When the host brought up videos that show Nooreh’s bond with the newborn, Yousuf added that she’s glad those videos steered clear of all forms of negativity. “I don’t think we should pollute the minds of children. They are innocent, they are pure and we should keep it that way,” Yousuf added.

Yousuf also shared that she wants to do a TV drama and is currently in the process of reading different scripts. “I’ll be very honest, I’ve come to the conclusion that dramas and films take a lot of time. There are grueling working hours, it takes a lot of time. I’m not going to pick up crappy scripts just because I have to be on screen. I’m a mother, I’d much rather spend time with my child. Till I don’t get a good script until I don’t feel like this is what I want to give my time to, I don’t see why I should pick a script.”

When asked if she’d be absent from the screen for long because of these scripts, Yousuf said people “should be able to accommodate each other” because she’s a single mother and cannot leave her daughter for days on end.

Earlier this year, the Mera Naseeb star spoke about her widely speculated divorce with Shahroz Sabzwari, the media’s insensitive coverage of the issue, and how she battled with that phase in a recent interview.

She also revealed how her personal life was sensationalised across the board, with her divorce being highlighted in the media repeatedly. Syra shared, “I don’t feel betrayed because I didn’t expect much. But I do find it very insensitive because where you are recycling a story and making connections again and again for the sake of likes and numbers, it’s very important for you to understand that someone else is actually living through what you are constantly talking about.” 

Syra Spotted with Shahroz On Sets of New Film In a Viral Video - Lens

She elaborated further, “For me, it was my life in real-time, and I was experiencing it already, and that kind of bombardment from the industry, I feel like it was insensitive. Personal lives should stay personal, and if you do end up finding something out from some source, there’s a way to put it out there.” 

Speaking about how, initially, the media storm made her feel vulnerable, the Project Ghazi star added, “I felt very exposed. I just kept wondering when people would stop talking about it so that I could process it on my own.”

However, the actor explained how she found light at the end of the tunnel, sharing, “I feel like in shutting out the outside world, I had the opportunity to go inwards. So, sometimes uncomfortable situations can actually help you end up in a better place.” 

Syra and Shahroz tied the knot in 2012 after a long on-off relationship that began in 2006. The celebrity couple separated in late 2019 and later confirmed their divorce in February 2020. The very same year later, Shahroz tied the knot with model Sadaf Kanwal.

Sadaf Kanwal And Shahroz Sabzwari At The Set Of GMP - Xoom

On the work front, Syra was last seen in ARY’s Sinf-e-Aahan, written by Umera Ahmed and helmed by Nadeem Baig.

Sinf-e-Naazuk to Sinf-e-Aahan: Sajal, Yumna, Syra, Kubra & Ramsha unite for  mega project