Taher Shah is all set to make a comeback with First Look.

After teasing his fans and followers in December with ‘Coming soon’, Shah took to social media to reveal the release date of his new music video.

Shah shared an image that seems like a top shot from his music video, the picture shows roses arranged in a heart shape with something in the middle. He captioned the picture ‘#FirstLook’ leaving us confused with whether that is the name of the song or the first look of it.


Shah had returned to social media in December after a break of almost two years. His last tweet, dated to February 2017, had shared that Shah’s song Angel had won an APEX Award, which is a short film and music video festival held in the United States.

Taher Shah became a social media sensation in 2013 after his song Eye to Eye, which he took 20 years to write, went viral. It became so popular that even Ranveer Singh did a rendition of it.

Following that, in 2016, Taher released his second music video Mankind’s Angel. While it did not have the same effect as Eye to Eye, it still managed to stir up a social media frenzy.

In December 2016, it was reported that Taher had left Pakistan after receiving death threats. But it looks like after years of staying low, the singer is returning with a bang.