The minister of higher education in Afghanistan’s Taliban government has given the reason that compelled their administration to ban female education in the country. Acting Higher Education Minister, Neda Mohammad Nadeem, while talking to an Afghan state broadcaster said, “They didn’t observe Hijab; they were coming with the clothes that most women wear to a wedding.”.

He said the decision was made due to a number of reasons including female students’ inappropriate Islamic clothing and interactions between students of different genders.
“Girls were studying agriculture and engineering, but this didn’t match Afghan culture. Girls should learn, but not in areas that go against Islam and Afghan honour.”

The Taliban on Tuesday (December 20) banned women from universities in Afghanistan. The statement was made by the minister of higher education, who stated that it will go into effect right away.


“You all are informed to implement the mentioned order of suspending education of females until further notice,” said the letter signed by the minister for higher education, Neda Mohammad Nadeem. The letter was issued to all government and private universities.
The decision was condemned across the globe, with U.N.’s mission in Afghanistan asking the Taliban-run administration to “immediately” revoke the ban.