Taylor Swift was not joking around when she wrote, “Karma’s on your scent like a bounty hunter”.

Media organisations and social media users sent their sleep and work commitments to the devil on Wednesday when the ‘Anti Hero’ singer was spotted at a girl’s night out with none other than Sophie Turner, actress and estranged wife of Joe Jonas.

Taylor had famously dated Joe back in 2008, later publicly accusing him of breaking up with her in a cruel manner. She revealed on The Ellen Show that the band member of the Jonas Brothers broke up with her on the phone in 25 seconds. The ‘Mastermind’ singer went on to write ‘Forever and Always’, ‘Last Kiss’ and ‘Mr Perfectly Fine’ about the ‘Burnin Up’ singer, however the two reconciled over the years and become close friends after Joe dated model and close friend Gigi Hadid in 2015.


Recently, Joe and Sophie announced their divorce after four years of marriage. Several reports allegeded that the ‘This Is Me’ singer’s PR team blamed the ‘Game Of Thrones’ actress for the failure of the relationship, with sources alleging the singer was an absent mother, working on projects in the UK. The internet slammed this as a terrible attempt to pin the home wrecker narrative on the woman while refusing to hold the man accountable.

Now that Sophie has decided to play the game and was spotted partying with Taylor Swift in New York, Twitter users are applauding how vicious of a move this was.

“Joe Jonas tried with every PR strategy he could to turn the public against Sophie but Sophie was like hold my purse and played her biggest card,” wrote a user.