AGONxi8, a PUBG mobile competitive team, has won PMPL (PUBG mobile pro league), the biggest PUBG mobile event in Pakistan, organized by Krafton, Tencent and Nodwin.

PMPL has a league stage that is two weeks long, in which the top 20 teams from Pakistan compete with each other. The top 16 teams from the league stage qualify for finals, where they compete for the title of PMPL Champions.

A mini match of TDM (Team Death Match) is also played during this event having an overall prize pool of USD 1000.
In the first week of the tournament, Agonxi8 was on the top spot with 238 points, holding on to first place in the second week with 210 points. In the finals, they played aggressively from day one. By day three, they finished in first place with 295 points.


FALAK was the MVP of this PMPL, having 60 eliminations points. He also makes a global record of 60 elimination in the three days finals. The previous record was made by TonyK from team Vampire E-Sports from Thailand.

The overall prize pool is 70,000$ which is distributed as follows:
Participation award: 1,750$
TDM Award: 1,000$
MVP (Most value able player) Award: 1,000$

AGONxi8 also qualified for PMGC (PUBG mobile global championship) which will be a LAN event in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. PMGC is the global tournament of PUBG mobile with a prize pool of USD 4,000,000.

Overall Standings of PMPL fall 2023: