A 19-year-old man in the United States tried to skip work by faking his own kidnapping.

The boy Brandon Soules faked his kidnapping in order to skip work but his stunt did not last long as the police found out the truth and arrested him for false reporting.

According to details, on February 10,  local police found Soules with his hands tied and mouth stuffed with a cloth. After being ‘saved’ by the police, the teenager claimed two men tied him and hit him till he fell unconscious. He further said that the two men drove him in a car and released him in the area where the police found him.


The police found out that the entire episode was fake and the youth made up the whole story himself. During the investigations, the teen confessed to his actions. Soules accepted that he made up the story because he was trying to get out of work.

Brandon’s plan to escape work has now landed him in jail and seems like he will be spending considerable time away from work due to the charges of false reporting against him.