Amidst the clash between police, rangers and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters, a second alleged audio leak of former provincial Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid has surfaced online.

In the alleged audio, Rashid is in conversation with President Dr Arif Alvi, asking him to intervene in the crisis at Zaman Park.

The audio leak is transcribed as follows;


Rashid: Sir, the situation is very bad here.

Dr Alvi: Yes, absolutely.

Rashid: Our workers have started throwing Molotov cocktails. Before bloodshed takes place, I think you need to talk to someone and intervene.

Dr Alvi: I have talked.

Rashid: You should tell him that you will talk to him and try to sort… to Khan sahab.

Dr Alvi: I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Rashid: Sir, the situation right now is that people may die, some policemen will be killed. The situation will worsen so much that the elections will be postponed. This was our purpose.

Dr Alvi: Okay.

Rashid: I think what you need to do is, tell him [Khan sahab], that he should give in and fight another day. This is what I think and the rest is up to you. He will not give up.

Rashid: Petrol bombs were thrown. I am intentionally sitting outside. I had to call people.

Dr Arif: Let me consult Asad Umar.

Rashid: I talked with Asad, he asked me not to say anything. We both are sitting outside.

Dr Alvi: Okay.

Rashid: I think you should talk with Shah Saab [Shah Mahmood Qureshi]. He is sitting inside with Khan.

Dr Alvi: Okay.

Earlier in the day, Rashid in another alleged audio leak told former Federal Minister for Narcotics Ejaz Shah that Khan Sahib has said at that it is time to call all MNAs and MPAs.