Production of the Tesla Cybertruck seems to have finally started, with reports of a 2024 Cybertruck being auctioned at the Petersen Auto Museum during their 29th gala event hosted by Jay Leno.

The truck supposedly sold for a staggering $400,000 (PKR 112,551,880). However, the museum couldn’t confirm the exact winning bid due to internal policies.

This sale, if confirmed, would mark the first official sale of a Cybertruck. Originally revealed in 2019, the production timeline for the unique pickup was repeatedly delayed, pushing it past its initial 2021 target.


The auction offered a “low-VIN” 2024 Cybertruck, with the winning bidder receiving their vehicle when Tesla completes production. Essentially, it’s an auction for a build slot rather than an immediate car.

Recent sightings of Cybertrucks being tested and transported on flatbeds suggest progress. Tesla had previously announced that full-scale production wouldn’t commence until 2024, but they claimed that the first Cybertruck was built in July at their Giga Texas factory.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first high-interest EV truck to be auctioned, with the 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV and the Hummer EV SUT truck also fetching high prices at auctions.

Despite these developments, Tesla has not announced an official delivery start date for the Cybertruck. Furthermore, specifications for the production model remain unconfirmed.

Originally priced around $40,000, there were plans for various variants, including a single-motor rear-wheel-drive base model and a high-performance tri-motor version, but it’s unclear which will be produced in 2024, if any.

In any case, the Cybertruck is now a tangible reality, as evidenced by Tesla’s recent video of it driving off-road in Baja, Mexico. It’s only a matter of time until it officially hits the market.