We are all obsessed with tea, coffee, soft drinks and juice. But which drink is good for your heart?

Coffee and Tea are good for you says Harvard University

The Harvard Medical School, in its Health Publishing article, says that tea and coffee are actually good for you. They contain healthy compounds which help with artery inflammation and some studies show that people who regularly drink either coffee or tea have lower rates of heart disease. Over time, caffeine also raises your resting metabolic rate which can help with weight control (if you don’t add cream or sugar).


Juices isn’t really the best for you. Better to eat fruit

Juices, even 100 percent juice boxes, are not good for you. They have lots of sugar which are easily broken down in your body and spikes your insulin. You’re better off eating whole fruits than having them in liquid form.

Soft drinks are terrible for you

Soft drinks are terrible for your diet (but you knew that already). The added sugars contribute to weight gain, heart disease and diabetes.

Popular Sport drinks aren’t the best for your body

Sport drinks also have added sugars and artificial flavors and even though the electrolytes are good for your body, you’re better off drinking water and getting electrolyte nutrients from food.