The Current’s Guide: What to pack for Hajj


Hajj season is in full swing and Hajj flights have already begun to take off. Preparing for Hajj can be an overwhelming task. The Current has put together the Ultimate Hajj Guide, so you can relax and look forward to the wonderful once-in-a-lifetime Hajj experience.

A small bag of essentials which include:

Passport / ID


Hotel address and details in English and Arabic

Painkillers and bandages

Relationship certificate if you are a woman traveling with a spouse

Passport-size pictures


Shahadah certificate if you have converted to Islam

Digital Tasbeeh

Suitcase essentials

Islamic Material


Hajj guide books

Pocket-sized Quran

Dua books

Prayer mat

Other essentials

Cotton clothes

Pair of flip flops for bathrooms

Comfortable walking sandals



Water bottle

Some snacks like dry fruits

Unscented toiletries

A small pouch to be hung around the neck


A bedsheet and a blanket. prepare for hot days and cold nights in the tent at Mina.


Few shopping bags


A word of advice: Keep your packing simple and basic. Try not to take things which are easily available there. And Don’t forget to enjoy the experience.

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