Chairman of the Parliamentary Com­mittee on Kashmir, Sheh­r­yar Khan Afridi’s video has gone viral on social media, where he can be seen criticising the women of the United States (US) for their culture.

Afridi, while leisurely walking in Times Square, New York, wearing a Levi’s t-shirt, lectures American women for their cultural choices and draws a comparison with Pakistani women.

“The religion we follow, whether we are a Baloch, Sindhi, Punjabi, immigrant, Siraki or Pushtun, we respect our women. See, she is an American woman. She too is someone’s sister or daughter. This is Manhattan,” says Afridi.


Afridi further added, “These people are advocates of human rights, these aren’t just political slogans. This is the reality.”

“The ones who do the big talks and lecture us should come and see what the condition of their women is,” said Afridi.

Afridi received a lot of backlash on his video and Twitterati reacted strongly to Afridi’s problematic comments.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Ahsan Iqbal tweeted, “Ridiculous. [The] US has its own culture & values & it is none of our business to lecture them on women issues while we have seen some serious crimes against women recently at home.”

Journalist Alia Chugtai tweeted, “11 rape cases are reported a day in Pakistan. No one actually knows how many in reality. An unaccounted number of little boys and men raped – and here is a ruling party member trying his hand at dissing how women in America are treated.”

Journalist Secunder Kermani tweeted, “One minute and one second of pure facepalm as this Pakistani politician, in a rather tight t-shirt, sermonises about the state of American women.”

Educationist Taimur Bandey wrote, “All those patriots worried about the image of Pakistan hope you are as embarrassed today as you usually are over everything else.”

Political activist questioning the government tweeted, “What is this @ShireenMazari1? Why your party people are so brainless? If he does not like [the] US why is he going at first place and wearing T-SHIRT and jeans and cursing their culture? This is disgusting they should not behave childish.”