Bollywood actor Swara Bhasker has married political activist Fahad Ahmed on __ in a court wedding. The actress shared pictures of the wedding on her Twitter account, showing the couple with her parents and loved ones.
She put up a picture of herself signing the papers with her husband and revealed that she had gotten married under the Special Marriage Act.

“Three cheers for the #SpecialMarriageAct (despite notice period etc.) At least it exists & gives love a chance… The right to love, the right to choose your life partner, the right to marry, the right to agency these should not be a privilege.”

In another tweet, the actress revealed she had worn her mother’s sari and jewelry for the special occasion.


“So blessed to be supported and cheered by the love of family and friends like family! Wore my mother’s sari & her jewellery.. made @FahadZirarAhmad wear colour 🙂 and we registered under the #SpecialMarriageAct Now to prep for shehnaii-wala shaadi”

Bhaskar has also addressed why she opted for a simple wedding despite the recent spate of lavish celebrity weddings like Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani. In an op-ed for The Week, the actress readers that weddings are a promise to remain faithful to each other rather than an opportunity to gain sponsorship or likes on Instagram.

‘The social media-fuelled wedding mania has also led to a fundamental shift in our fiscal values. This is a shift that consumer capitalism enabled EMI culture of ‘work hard, spend big’ has already engendered in the millennial generation, but the fantasy wedding craze generates a whole other set of fiscal habits. And, these are not very healthy!’