Can’t figure out where to spend your summer break this year? Been to all the popular tourist spots? We have you covered. Take a break from your regular routine and plan a trip to one of these offbeat places in Pakistan:

Kumrat Valley

Naran, Kaghan aur Hunza toh sab hee jaatay hain garmion ki chution main. But if you truly want to enjoy natural beauty, Kumrat Valley is the place to go. This area is not as well known as the rest which means it is still untouched. The location is perfect for those who don’t like the rush. Visit this place before its natural beauty is replaced by architectural infrastructure.

Gorakh Hill Station

Also known as the ‘Murree of Sindh’, the Gorakh Hills are magical. The best part is that the holiday destination is relatively inexpensive. It’s best to go there with company, unless you’re a loner, as there is not much to do there except enjoy the sunset and sunrise and camp out in the open with a bonfire.


Astola Island

Everyone is familiar with the beauty of Pakistan’s northern areas, but a few have taken the time to discover the mesmerizing charm of the country’s coastal south. Clear blue water and white sandy beaches, what’s Maldives?

Kanhatti Gardens

Soon Valley is a breathtaking vista of natural beauty comprising of lakes and springs, lush green fields and gardens. Though many people visit Soon Valley, they often miss out the Kanhatti Gardens.

Kanhatti Garden’s name is derived from ‘Kanhat’, a special rock found at natural water spring. Visit the Soon Valley and Kanhatti Gardens this summer and enjoy eating fresh almonds, apricots and pineapples there.

Rama Meadows

If you ever happen to find yourself in surrounded by clear, ice-cold water flowing in streams, sheep and cows grazing in peace and pine trees all around, then you are probably in Rama Meadows. Rama is located on the foothills of Nanga Parbat and no picture can do justice to the beauty of the place.  

Take a virtual tour of these places by watching the video below and then make your decision.