Fatema Sohail’s allegations of domestic abuse and cheating on Mohsin Abbas Haider have sparked a debate on the issue of domestic violence and the rights of a wife in our society. Though it’s sad that the issue is gaining traction now, considering that it something that almost every woman in this society has experienced, better late than never, right?

Meera, who recently shared the screen with Mohsin in Baaji, expressed her thoughts on a matter, saying that men have no clue on how to talk to women.

“There is a problem of sexual harassment and sexism in Pakistan,” Meera said while talking to a media outlet. “Women are treated like paon ki jooti and are not given their due rights.”


Meera then said that films on the issues of domestic violence need to be made.

When asked on how Mohsin is as a person, Meera responded that all actors have two different lives – their personal/family life and their screen life. She said that her relationship with Mohsin was that of a colleague and she doesn’t know any details of his married life. She said she will get a clearer picture after she meets Mohsin and his family and fully understands the matter.

Meera and Mohsin while promoting Baaji

On whether Mohsin should be punished or not, Meera said, “If the woman is at fault, then the man should be served justice. And if the man is at fault, then the woman should be given justice.”