An advertisement titled ‘Reunion’ made by Google India in 2013 has resurfaced on Twitter. The ad was about two long lost friends from India and Pakistan who are reunited with the help of their grandchildren.

The advertisement revolves around two grandchildren who listen to their grandfathers recall being friends and living in Lahore, until partition took place, driving them apart. The grand daughter from India then tries hard to connect with the friend from Pakistan, and books tickets to get the two to unite.

A twitter thread by an Indian twitter user asked followers about the best advertisements they had ever seen. In reply, a user shared the ad, moving Twitter to tears.


The partition between India and Pakistan is still like an open wound. It is nice to remember that despite political tensions between the two countries, people remain united by love.

“This never fails to bring a lump in my throat and moisten the eyes,” wrote a user.

“Actual tears rolling down my eyes.” wrote another user.

“Now why is Google making me tear up on a Friday afternoon”.