TikTok star Hareem Shah has been given protection by Scotland Yard after receiving threats from people there, police have confirmed. A London police spokesman confirmed that Hareem Shah, whose real name is Fiza, had made a complaint to the police about people following and threatening her with blackmail.

“I contacted the police after having a strained relationship with some people I had met in Manchester and had been with,” Hareem Shah stated.

“It should be noted that last week some videos and photos of mine were released on social media through anonymous accounts,” she added.


“The controversy began after a group of British Pakistanis approached members of the Pakistani media alleging that I had stolen £6,000 in Manchester and fled the city to London,” Hareem continued.

“I denied stealing the money, and I believe the accusers should go to the police and investigate me, instead of defaming me on social media through abuse, threats, and blackmail,” she emphasized.