As Taylor Swift’s UK tour approaches, fans are being warned about scams that have already cheated thousands of people out of more than £1 million or more than three billion rupees.
Lloyds Bank says about 3,000 fans have been tricked since July, losing an average of £332 each, with some losing over £1,000.
Most of the scams happen on Facebook, where more than 90 percent of cases come from fake ads or posts. It’s not just Swift fans getting targeted; scams for other artists like Beyonce, Coldplay, and Harry Styles have gone up too.

Unofficial Facebook groups are part of the problem. They’re popping up to buy and sell tickets, with many listings on Facebook Marketplace. Scammers promise cheap or sold-out tickets, then disappear once they get the money through bank transfers.

To stay safe, Lloyds Bank says only buy from trusted places. If possible, use debit or credit cards for more protection.
As Swift’s tour gets closer, fans need to be careful and listen to warnings to avoiding getting scammed out of their concert experience.