After negotiations with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), TikTok has not only upgraded its ‘Community Guidelines’, but also released its Urdu language version for Pakistani users.

The platform is now localised and will work as per the local laws and norms. The new Community Guidelines provide general guidance about “what is and what is not allowed” on the platform to keep it a safe place for joy and creativity.

TikTok has taken measures to remove content that violates the Community Guidelines and suspends or banned accounts involved in severe or repeated violations. (this sentence needs a little more clarity)


TikTok has an in-app reporting feature for users to flag potentially inappropriate content or accounts to the management of the platform.

These measures demonstrate TikTok’s commitm­e­­nt to removing any potentially harmful or inappropriate content reported in Pakistan.

The content moderation is performed by deploying a combination of policies, technologies and moderation strategies to detect and review problematic content and accounts and implement appropriate penalties.

After receiving complaints that some of the so-called funny videos being uploaded at TikTok are immoral, obscene, vulgar, and even hurt sentiments of respectable citizens, PTA issued a warning to TikTok on July 20.