TikTok has turned into an influential platform for speaking up against the atrocities going on in Gaza.

After several Jewish actors like Amy Schumer, Sacha Baron Cohen accused the platform of being ‘anti-semitic’, TikTok heads had to release a statement clarifying that today’s teens were vocally pro-Palestinian, hence the algorithm showing more content in their favour.

Right now, the hashtag #FreePalestine has over 25 billion views, while #damifalasteeni- the song by Palestinian singer Mohammad Assaf, has over 1.4 million views on the platform.


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TikTok users have consistently used the platform to debunk lies and propaganda spread by IDF soldiers to justify their invasion of Gazan hospitals. TikTok users started a trend, pretending to be Israeli soldiers and mocking their failed attempt at finding the ‘Khamas’ troops at Al-Shifa hospital.

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Yesterday, Israel agreed to a four-day ceasefire during which Hamas and IDF will exchange prisoners who were captured by their forces, as well as allow aid and fuel to enter Gaza. But many TikTok users slammed this as an attempt to silence the worldwide outrage over the genocide, as well as the timing when the ceasefire was announced with Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday around the corner. The hashtag #boycottblackfriday has over 4 million views on the platform.

TikTok users are now taking to their accounts to urge their followers to keep boycotting brands and ensure a truce is established so the Palestinians get back their land and all the hostages, including 800 children held captive in Israeli prisons.

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Fawn Diaz, who has over 41K followers on TikTok, shared a post calling out the greed of American capitalism in upholding a ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ at the same time it was Black Friday weekend.

@fawn.diaz Boycott tf out of americas christmas and black friday money machine #freepalestine🇵🇸 #revolution #freepalestine ♬ Wendigoon is a cool dude – audio

TikTok user Yourfavouriteguy, who has 3 million followers on the platform, pointed out the ceasefire came in too late when already 20,000 Palestinians have been killed and 50% Gaza was reduced to rubble, and is not a permanent solution which is why social media needs to keep ensuring the pressure remains on their governments to support Palestine.

@yourfavoriteguy here’s what you need to know about the temporary 4 day ceasefire that has been called in the Gaza Strip #YOURFAVORITEGUY ♬ original sound – YourFavoriteGuy

TikTok is leading the growing boycott of international coffee chain Starbucks, which had sued workers union for releasing a statement standing in favour of Palestine. The hashtag #boycottstarbucsk has over 101.2 million views on the platform.

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