British-Pakistani TikTok influencer Mahek Bukhari and her mother Ansreen have been declared guilty at a Leicister court for the murder of a man who died in a car crash.

The deceased, Saqib Hussain, had threatened to expose details of the long-running affair he had been having with Ansreen.

During the trial, the jurors were told that the social media influencer had set a trap for Hussain on the night he died, inviting him to their house, where they were going to give him the £3,000 he had spent during the relationship. When Hussain was driving to the house with his friend Hasim Ijazzuddin, they were ambushed and then chased by two cars.


The men driving those vehicles were Karwan, 29, and Jamal, 23. Both were cleared of murder charges but were convicted of manslaughter.

Ijazuddin’s car split into two pieces and caught on fire after colliding with a tree on Six Hills junction on the A46.

After the verdicts, Deputy Inspector Mark Parish of Leicestershire Police spoke to the press, calling this a “callous and cold blooded attack.”

“After setting Mr Hussain and Mr Ijazuddin up, chasing them at high speed and then ultimately ramming their car off the road, none of the defendants made any attempt to help the victims or to call for help.”

“Instead, they drove on and then even drove back past the collision site.”