Priyanka Chopra is opening her own Indian restaurant in New York, with the name of ‘Sona’.

Priyanka Chopra took to her Instagram account and shared the pictures from an intimate prayer ceremony that took place in 2019, to make the announcement.

“Im thrilled to present to you SONA, a new restaurant in NYC that I poured my love for Indian food into. SONA is the very embodiment of timeless India and the flavours I grew up wit,” wrote Priyanka while making the announcement.


“The kitchen is helmed by the incredible Chef Hari Nayak , a masterful talent, who has created the most delicious and innovative menu, taking you on a food journey through my amazing country.”

Priyanka also added: “SONA is opening later this month, and I can’t wait to see you there.”

She thanked her team members saying, “This endeavour would not have been possible without the leadership of my friends Maneesh Goyal and David Rabin. Thank you to our designer Melissa Bowers and the rest of the team for realizing this vision so clearly.”

She concluded: “The second and third photos were taken in September 2019 when we performed a small intimate Puja (prayer ceremony) to bless the space that would soon become Sona Godspeed.”

“Timeless India in the heart of NYC” the description of the restaurant say. As per the information available the restaurant will open its doors in late march.