Toyota announced that it will introduce its revolutionary bZ4X battery-powered SUV in its home market on May 12, as part of a larger push to minimise its carbon footprint.

The bZ4X is Toyota’s first vehicle built on a specific electric vehicle (EV) platform created in collaboration with Subaru. It’s made at the Motomachi factory, which now employs CO2-free utility power sourced from renewable sources.

It was also disclosed that the Japanese dealerships would start taking orders for the first batch of 3,000 vehicles in May 2022, with the second batch of about 2,000 vehicles anticipated early in the autumn. This year, the manufacturer plans to create and sell 5,000 units.


The Japanese manufacturer claims that its new battery electric vehicle (BEV) SUV has a power-efficiency rating of 128Wh/km and a touring range of 559 kilometers (347 miles). It is compatible with rapid DC chargers available all around the world, while its battery can be topped to 80 per cent in just 40 minutes.

All bZ4X models delivered in Japan will be leased, as per the manufacturer, to alleviate customer concerns about electric cars and allow it to apply its 3Rs (Rebuild, Reuse, Recycle) battery management system. The batteries incorporated in the SUVs will be guaranteed for ten years and 200,000 kilometers (120,000 miles) at 70 per cent capacity retention.

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The Kinto service will be able to lease the bZ4X models to private clients, while the Rent-a-Lease and Toyota Mobility Services networks will be able to lease the EV to corporate customers.