Prominent Karachi-based transgender activist Shehzadi Rai shared a triggering video on her Twitter page of two men stalking her home. In the clip the men be seen turning away when they spot the camera. Rai wrote in a tweet that she was terrified for her life, because the men were threatening her with bottles of acid.

People tagged the Sindh police in replies to help Rai.

The Current reached out to Rai for a statement, and she revealed that she did not know why the men were stalking her. Rai also shared that this was the fourth time these men had appeared outside her house, and that she was going to the police to get them arrested.

Member of the Provincial Assembly Sindh Sharjeel Memon condemned the incodent on Twitter and asked Rai to send him relevant details.


Rai later revealed in a video uploaded to her Twitter account that she was present at the Shahar E Faisal police station and called for better protection of the khwajasara community by the police.

Rai also shared a picture of the police case filed against her stalkers and thanked the Sindh Govt for understanding the sensitivity of the situation by deploying police forces outside her home