A 26 year old woman named Kajol from Delhi was seen being attacked by her father-in-law on Tuesday morning while she was heading for a job interview. The culprit was against her decision to get a job.

According to police officials, Kajol wanted to work in order to help her husband Praveen Kumar support their family but the father-in-law was against her decision and wanted her to stay at home.

According to the released footage which is now going viral on the internet, Kajol can be seen being approached by her father-in-law, who is holding a brick in his hand. When she tried to escape the attack, the father-in-law repeatedly hit her on the head with a brick.


Kajol was taken by her husband to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital where she received 17 stitches on her head.


Meanwhile, a case has been filed against the father-in-law by Kajol’s parents who live in Faridabad, according to the officials.