Trigger warning: murder, domestic violence, abuse

A Pakistani-American cab driver, Zanoor Jaffari, has been arrested in New York city on charges of murdering his wife and two-year-old daughter, with their five year old son present during the slaughter.

According to the Suffolk County Police, the wife, Misbah Batool, 33, and the couple’s toddler Izziah, were found dead in the bedroom of the family’s home in Brentwood at 4:40 pm. Other relatives also lived in the house, and it was Jaffari’s mom who reported the stabbing.


Suffolk County Police Chief of Detectives John Rowan said the couple’s boy was unharmed, and is currently under the custody of relatives.

The murderer was initially hospitalised after the cops reported he showed signs of overdosing, before being held on murder charges. Jaffari has pled not guilty to the charges and has been remanded without bail.

Prosecuters have alleged that Jaffari has a history of abusing his wife, before the family shifted to a new home in Long Island City.