TRIGGER WARNING: discussion of abuse, torture, homophobia

Zaakraa has wiped out all of her social media posts, and posted a video saying she didn’t mean what she said previously, and had said it because she had anxiety.

“I had uploaded my last video on the recommendation of someone, and at that point I was panicking and severely depressed. I am sorry for everything, and for insulting anyone.”


Meanwhile, transgender activists Hina Baloch and Mehrub Moiz Awan have alleged that Zaakraa has been ‘kidnapped’ by the facility after she made public allegations of suffering abuse, torture and beatings while she stayed there.

Mehrub Moiz revealed she was on the phone with Zaakraa for eight seconds when she heard screaming and a voice saying: “Dr Imran is here.”

Hina Baloch requested friends from Lahore to spread the word so she may be found.

Soon after Zaakraa took to Instagram, deleting her previous videos.

A transgender activist who goes by the name Zaakraa has appeared back online after disappearing from social media for six months.

She has posted videos on her Twitter and Instagram page, stating that her parents forced her to take conversion therapy at the Focus Life Rehabilitation Centre, detailing the torture and abuse she was subjected to at the hands of the doctors.

In the video, Zaakraa says that for three months, she was stripped naked, beaten, and slapped by staff when she refused to eat because of her eating disorder. She also revealed that Dr Samina, who was present at the clinic, would question why Zaakraa was so invested in Aurat March, and other issues related to women. Another psychiatrist, Dr Imran, was informed by Zaakraa’s sister about his bisexuality. He berated the activist for his support for Aurat March and Moorat March.

The Current reached out to Zaakraa for a statement. She responded as follows:

“I want Focus Life Rehab to be held accountable.”

Zaakraa also shared pictures on her social media account of the doctors who she says were responsible for the torture and abuse during the time she was there.

We have reached out to Focus Life for a statement, and will update the article with their response.

Prominent transgender activists like Mehrub Moiz Awan have expressed outrage on social media and called for the organisation to be shut down.