Two unidentified persons were detained after they jumped into the lower house of Indian Parliament chamber, while the winter session of the Parliament was underway.

The Delhi Police also arrested two other persons – a man and a woman from outside the Parliament, for protesting with coloured smoke.
The incident took place as the country was commemorating the attack on Indian Parliament in 2001.

As per Indian media reports, the culprits were seated in the visitors’ gallery and hiding the canisters in their shoes. Parliamentary members told journalists that the protestors raised slogans “Dictatorship will not be accepted”.


Parliament security staff took the duo — identified as Sagar Sharma, 25, from Lucknow, and Manoranjan D, 35, from Mysore — into custody after they were beaten by MPs, reporters said.

Two others — Neelam Singh, 42, from Hisar in Haryana and Amol Shinde, 25, from Latur in Maharashtra — were arrested from a spot near Parliament House where they too opened smoke canisters soon after the incident in Lok Sabha.

The breach has shocked the lawmakers and nation alike.

But the internet’s meme brigade made the most of it. One user posted the video of parliamentarians beating up the protestor and captioned it with a laughing emoji, “Who says India doesn’t have unity”.

A user said, “Even my mobile pattern is more secure than the Indian Parliament.”

Several others used clips from Bollywood and other movies to mock the security of the parliament.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not in the parliament, critics lambasted his government for the lapse in security of a high-profile place like Lok Sabha.

Another trolled the BJP parliamentarians shouting space out amid the attack of the intruders saying were they waiting for a “chota bheem” to save their day.

However, reporting by different media outlets outside the parliament has Twitter in fits.

Two reporters were seen fighting over the smoke canister while the third one took the benefit and ran away from the spot.

A user mockingly suggested that these courageous reporters should be deployed on borders and the army should be given the task of reporting.

Journalist Anil Tiwari commented that “Media students should learn from this video that besides reporting skills, surviving in the media industry may require abilities like snatching, punching, running, etc”.

Using a Bollywood movie reference a netizen trolled the journalists fighting for a smoke canister.

Amidst this laughing riot over the reporting, the lady reporter Pallavi Ghosh famous for her swift and aggressive reporting defended herself on Twitter by posting, “End of the day – yes the video looks funny but as a reporter on the ground my Instinct not to let go”