Twitter announced on Wednesday that it is testing a new feature called ‘Notes’ that will allow users to create long-form content utilising rich formatting and uploaded media.

The new feature allows users to share ‘Notes’ up to 2,500 words long. Presently, posts on the social media platform are limited to 280 characters.

Once published, these notes can be tweeted and shared with followers. It will include embedded photos, GIFs, videos, tweets, etc.



According to Dr Laura Toogood, a social media specialist, the trial was an important step for Twitter. She stated that this feature would encourage users to stay on the platform rather than linking to other websites that could host long-format content.

“Adding this extra capability means that Twitter is now in a position to compete with some of the popular blogging platforms and potentially attract a new audience and a different type of user,” she added.

The two-month test will include a small group of authors from Canada, Ghana, the United Kingdom, and the United States.