When it debuts its new $8 service with the blue verification badge, billionaire Elon Musk’s social media platform Twitter will introduce an ‘Official’ tag for select verified accounts, including prominent media outlets, celebrities and authorities, its early stage products executive Esther Crawford said on Tuesday.

Twitter’s safety and integrity chief, Yoel Roth, stated that the business delayed the introduction of the new Twitter Blue subscription product until after the US midterm elections on Tuesday due to concerns about impersonating public people.

According to those familiar with the situation, fake government accounts are a common issue on Twitter around the world. Crawford stated that the “Official” badge will not be for sale and will only be available to administrations, significant media outlets, businesses, company associates, and other prominent personalities.



A Reuters story states that the social networking site Twitter will launch a new $8 premium subscription option. According to Esther Crawford, the company’s early-stage products executive, the major media organisations and governments will be among the Twitter accounts that are verified and so referred to as “Official” on Twitter.

Those who subscribe to Twitter Blue, a new subscription service that won’t really verify user identities, will be able to get blue checks.

Even though the official label won’t be offered for sale, select accounts will get it, and it won’t be accessible to all. Governments, private companies, trade associations, large news organisations, and some other public personalities will be allowed to have it.