Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed has ordered the Karachi commissioner Muhammad Iqbal Memon to speed up the demolition process of Nasla Tower, reports Dawn.

CJP inquired whether the demolition order had been carried out or not. To this, Memon said that he needed “guidance” from the court and wanted to say something.

“Cut to the chase, did you demolish the building or not?” the chief justice questioned again. He grilled the commissioner and warned that he could be sent to jail over contempt of court. “Do you know where you are standing?” said Justice Qazi Mohammad Amin Ahmed, who was also heading the hearing.


“You are constantly committing contempt of court. Is he worthy of being called a commissioner? He is a grade 18 officer who is saying such things here.”

People on Twitter condemned the demolishing act, including the chief justice’s order while others demanded the demolishment of other places.


However, shortly after the hearing, the commissioner arrived at the Nasla Tower to oversee the demolition work along with several other officers.

“Nasla Tower’s demolition work had begun. It had been halted as precautionary measures were not being taken,” he said, adding that the court had issued orders to ensure lives were not lost in the demolition process.