The journalist and programme host Arshad Sharif, and the Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Ali Haider Zaidi are exchanging responses on Twitter after anchor Rauf Klasra shared Arshad’s talk show video about Ali Zaidi.

Arshad Sharif in his talk show said that he will reveal some inside stories about how the minister is “accommodating his and Finance Minister Hafeez Shiekh’s friends and trying to lobby with certain businessman”.

Ali Haider later replied to the tweet by saying, “I’m waiting for the film from OUR friend “Arshad” as well! Both friends only showing trailers!”.


Soon after the minister’s reply, Arshad stepped into the fight and said, “The Kachra King was a good movie. Abhi film Baqi hai meray dost. Why the panic? Ali Zaidi Kay dost mahaan! Zardari kay dost chor? What’s this logic?”.

Ali Zaidi then replied and requested Arshad to do a live show with him, where he can ask all the questions he wants on live TV.

Arshad came back and replied with, “But please tell how your friends are Mahaan & Zardari’s friends are Chor? Why Imran Khan admonished you? Hold a press conference and answer that Minister”.

The minister then wrote, “by the Grace of Almighty I was given a desk thumping applause in the cabinet meeting held on Sept 3rd 2019. Allah Karim”.