Two flight attendants, Khalid Meh­mood and Feda Hussain, slipped away in Canada shortly after Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK 772 landed in Toronto.

The spokesperson for PIA confirmed the ‘escape’ of the two senior flight attendants who vanished from the airport instead of coming back to the country.

“On its scheduled return to Islamabad, the two senior crew members did not turn up in Toronto. The flight of the national flag carrier had to return back to Islamabad without the two flight attendants,” the spokesperson told the Dawn.


Similar incidents have been reported in the past when members of the flight crew sneaked away upon arrival in Canada. Four of them have slipped away in 2023.

According to ARY News, PIA has now issued a directive to include flight attendants aged above 50 years among crew members of international flights to Canada and other countries. This age limit is imposed in light of instances of young air hostesses and cabin crew slipping away upon arrival.

Local authorities in Canada have been informed about the two staff members and their services would be terminated after a departmental investigation.