The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has attributed the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) restriction on fresh chilled meat exports from Pakistan to issues with inefficient or non-functional refrigeration systems.

The ban, effective October 10, 2023, was enacted in response to substandard fresh beef shipments detected in Dubai. TDAP revealed that subpar meat quality was linked to refrigeration problems in reefer containers, a responsibility of shipping lines. Exporters affected by the ban have filed claims against these shipping entities.

According to Brecorder, the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment revised its list of approved slaughterhouses for meat exports via sea routes, imposing specific requirements on shipments of fresh and chilled meat until October 10. Only vacuum-packed or modified-atmosphere-packed meat, conforming to specific shelf-life criteria, will be permitted via sea transport.


Notably, this ban does not affect fresh and chilled meat shipments by air. TDAP is actively engaged in resolving the issue, with the Pakistani Consulate in Dubai collaborating with stakeholders to determine the cause. TDAP remains optimistic that constructive dialogue and cooperation will lead to a resolution, allowing the resumption of fresh chilled meat exports from Pakistan to the UAE.