When Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp all were down earlier this week, we all panicked slightly and wondered to do with all the free time. Because let us admit, social media is a very important part of our lives. But imagine having to do without it for long periods of time and having to use emails for communication.

Students of the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) might have the answer to that as the university has banned the use of social media on campus, as well as the hostels. As per reports, students will no longer be allowed to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or WhatsApp. They will only be permitted to use those social media pages that have been approved by the Vice Chancellor. Official Facebook pages of university societies have also been instructed to shut down.

Negative comments on any UET page will also be checked and action taken. Students who continue to use social media will be investigated under the Pakistan Cyber Law 2016.


This is not the first time the UET management has taken such actions. Previously, UET made it compulsory for female students to wear a scarf or dupatta while imposing a ban on sleeveless shirts and capri pants. For male students, wearing shalwar kameez on Fridays was made compulsory.