As more people come forward with their accounts of their run-ins with vlogger Umar Khan, popularly known as Ukhano, the latter has approached the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and filed his case against alleged fake accounts who have been tarnishing his name.

Taking to social media, late Wednesday night, Ukhano had pledged his innocence and said that his ‚Äúprivate, personal and two-way conversations were leaked.” He added that the conversations were censored and blurred to suit a certain purpose.

Umar explained that only a few of the leaked conversations were authentic, while the rest of them were fake. He claimed that even from the consensual chats, the responses of the girls were “censored to frame me as a sexual harasser and predator.” He said that he didn’t want to name and shame anyone publically which is why he has decided to take his case to the FIA. Ukhano signed off saying that he apologises to anyone who might have felt uncomfortable with his behaviour.


Following this video, on Friday morning, Ukhano shared videos and pictures of himself at the FIA office and said that that he has filed his complaint and shared the screenshots, usernames and other details to the relevant authorities. Umar is being legally represented by lawyer Hassaan Niazi.

Meanwhile, one of Umar’s juniors from the National College of Arts (NCA) came forward and recounted her experience of being harassed by him.