After Ukraine’s win against North Macedonia, footballer Andriy Yarmolenko mocked Cristiano Ronaldo in front of the media, and also took a chance to promote himself, asking Coca-Cola and Heineken to contact him.

The Ukrainian player was in a funny mood after Ukraine’s 2-1 win against North Macedonia in their UEFA Euro 2020 Group C encounter, at Bucharest’s National Arena on Thursday. At his post-match press conference, the Ukrainian star took a dig at Ronaldo in front of the media, by putting both Coca-Cola and Heineken bottles in front of him.

Earlier this week, the Portugal captain had hit the headlines when he removed two bottles of Coca-Cola out of the camera’s sight during a press conference. The Portuguese skipper had also asked the reporters to drink water instead.


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Yarmolenko scored a goal for the second consecutive game in Euro 2020, and also assisted against North Macedonia. He also scored in his side’s earlier 3-2 defeat to Netherlands. At his post-match press conference, the West Ham attacker cheekily mocked Ronaldo and even made an attempt to promote himself for potential sponsors.

Can I do something? I’ve seen Ronaldo putting away Coca-Cola bottles recently”, he asked the reporters.
He added, “I’ll put Coca-Cola here. I’ll put Heineken right here up front! Guys, contact me!”
Earlier, France midfielder Paul Pogba had also displayed a similar approach as he picked up a Heineken beer bottle and placed it behind the news conference table.
Meanwhile, UEFA had warned that the teams could be fined if they move drinks at Euro 2020 news conferences.