Former middle-order batsman Umar Akmal discussed his leaked dance video in a podcast with YouTuber Nadir Ali, saying that he has respect for those ex-cricketers who are continuously bashing him on the media for no reason.

“I beg that please don’t humiliate me anymore, I have a family too and I am not a youngster. When my family listens to someone humiliating me, they will also get hurt,” he said.The cricketer said that he knows many secrets.

“So please, if you don’t want to lose your respect then keep quiet,” he warned.


Continuing in the same vein, he said that if he leaked the secrets of those players their families will also get hurt. “The people of Pakistan will stop watching cricket and will hate those ex-cricketers,” he stated.

While asked about Babar Azam, Umar Akmal said that he will pay the consequences if the captain takes his name on camera. “You should ask Babar if that was me who did not give him shoes, then I will pay the consequences.”

Umar also disclosed that he has rejected international leagues just to play domestic cricket in Pakistan to set an example for juniors.

“There is a lot of discrimination against me and some people have personal issues with me. I think that’s why even with these brilliant performances in domestic cricket, I am not selected for the New Zealand series,” he observed.