Nadeem Baig made national headlines when, on talk show ‘The Fourth Umpire’, he was asked which actress was the most difficult to work with on set, and he revealed it was Urwa Hocane.

Hocane and Baig was worked together in ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi’ in 2017.

Now, Hocane has responded in a post on Friday where she addressed the allegation that she was ‘difficult’ by revealing her side of the story:


“Nadeem bhai and I have only done one project together and had one difference of opinion about the song ‘Lak Hilna’ where we eventually went with his aesthetics, choice of song and dance step as I sensed he was unwilling to hold a discussion probably because as a society we have become so intolerant to difference of opinion, specially when it’s a woman.”

Hocane revealed that despite being trolled heavily for the past few days since Baig’s comment on the show, she had never thrown him under the bus out of respect for him.


“Despite being extremely trolled for the song I never threw my director under the bus out of respect for him. I am so hurt with how my personality is being misrepresented publicly merely for holding a healthy discussion on set which I believe is a basis to team work while in all these years it was never pointed out to me in person.”

You can read her complete statement here:

Other celebrities had applauded Hocane’s post, including her husband, Farhan Saeed, who had writtten:

“Tu shaheen hai basera kur paharon ki chatanon par ❤️”

Nadia Jamil applauded Hocane for her ‘values and authenticity’

Hocane’s sister, Mawra, also commented that she was proud of the strength and grace her sister had shown