Ushna Shah’s recent take on boycotting McDonald’s and other international franchises has divided social media. The actress is currently among the vocal celebrities calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Yesterday she expressed her outrage at a video showing IDF soldiers in Israel enjoying McDonald’s. The Israeli franchise was subjected to international backlash when they announced they were providing free meals to soldiers. Ushna shared the video and urged her followers to boycott the brand, writing:

“I swear to God if I see anyone touch #McDonalds or have it anywhere near me I’m going to rage. Keep it the hell off my sets & if you choose to eat it or endorse it stay the hell away from me, & be prepared for an earful. And for Muslims, consider it as Haram as pork.”

A commentor under her X post questioned if Ushna was thinking about the countless workers in local McDonald’s franchises, who would be jobless if the restaurant was boycotted. To which the ‘Habs’ actor responded:


“Shut up. Those people can find employment at a local fast food chain . McDonalds is a Franchise and as a Franchise it has chosen to send 4000 daily meals to an army that is annihilating Gaza. Closing this franchise in Pakistan will open doors for local businesses to flourish which is far better for our economy. This argument is ridiculous. McDonalds needs to be banned. Simple.”

While some users agreed with Ushna’ take to boycott McDonald’s, other’s felt her tweet reeked of elitism.

There were users on X who agreed to stop purchasing McDonald’s to ensure their support for Palestine remains strong.

“Mcdonalds is next to where i play football in Singapore. I sometimes had it on my way back. Today, i chose to walk 2 km to a local joint instead. If i can, you can.”

But others felt her tweet especially regarding workers finding job elsewhere read like elitism, and many users pointed out there needs to be conversation on how the middle class survives boycotts like these.

“an elite woman telling people who live the consequences of poor economy to go find another job is insane,” a user wrote.

This user pointed out that we should help employees find new jobs so they’re not affected by the McDonald’s boycott.

“An average #McDonalds employee earns 25 to 30K, and in a country where people beg for jobs, you’re asking them to leave their jobs? Who will provide them with new jobs? First get them jobs at local chains with same salary and a ration of a month then lash out at them. #Pakistan

“Someone please tell her that your boycott wont have any impact on global chain of McDonalds since they operate via franchise in Pakistan and the only loss would be Pakistan’s economy and people employed there. Get them job first then come up with such activism.”

“and until those ppl dont get re-employed at a local chain, they’d be on Ushna’s payroll ? Its easier said then done. people do not estimate the impact. Its 5,000 to 8,000 families getting affected if a chain closes. Its not really about not having a big mac, that’s the easy part”